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Fourth of July Pet Safety

Fourth of July Pet Safety
June 27, 2023

As the Fourth of July approaches, many people look forward to enjoying fireworks and backyard barbeques with family and friends. It's important to keep in mind that these festivities can be stressful and even dangerous for pets. To ensure the safety and comfort of your furry companions, here are some helpful tips to follow:


Fireworks displays are visually stunning, but the loud sounds can be incredibly frightening for pets. Here are some steps you can take to help your pets stay calm and secure:

  • Create a safe and familiar space for your pets to stay during the fireworks. This could be a quiet room in your home, as long as it's away from the noise.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked and secured. Ensure your pet has proper identification in case they become lost. 
  • Ensure all microchip information is up to date in the event your pet is lost.
  • Consider closing all blinds and windows and using white noise or leaving the TV on to help drown out the sound of the fireworks.
  • Provide your pet with a distraction, such as a new toy or treat, to help them stay calm.
  • If your pet is extremely anxious during fireworks, talk to your veterinarian ahead of time about medications that can help keep them calm.
  • If you don't enjoy fireworks yourself, your pet will be happy to have your company if you choose to forgo the fireworks.
  • Remember to clean up any fireworks debris in your yard before letting your pets outside.

Backyard Barbeques

Backyard barbeques are a popular way to celebrate Independence Day, but it's important to keep your pets safe during the festivities. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep human food out of reach of your pets and ask guests not to feed them. Alcohol, avocados, grapes, and onions can be toxic to pets, and cooked bones can cause intestinal blockages.
  • Use pet-friendly insect repellent, and keep pets away from citronella, which can cause severe respiratory problems if ingested.
  • Keep lighter fluid and matches out of reach as they can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, and gastric issues if ingested.
  • Be careful with glow jewelry and glow sticks as ingesting them can cause excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation.
  • Check your yard for food scraps and other debris the day after your cookout before letting your pets outside.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your pets have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. If you have any questions or concerns about pet safety during the holiday, don't hesitate to contact us at (773) 878-8002 for guidance.